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Theory Examinations:
Applicants will first submit an application to register for the theory examination to the board office.  Applicants MUST provide a valid email address in order to schedule the theory examination location, date, and time.  Available locations will be listed in the link provided to the applicant for scheduling.

Applicants must pass the theory examination before application and fee for the practical examination may be submitted for scheduling.

Theory Candidate Information Bulletins (CIB) list sample questions for each license discipline.

Practical Examinations: 
After successful completion of the theory examination, applicants must submit the examination application and fee to be scheduled for the practical examination.  Applicants must indicate a testing center location.  Applicants will be scheduled for state board examinations as their applications are received in the KBC office. All applications for any month must be in the office ten (10) working days prior to the beginning practical examination date (deadline date), exclusive of Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. Notification of the examination date and time the applicant is to appear for examination will be emailed to the applicant.

* Applicants must report to the practical examination wearing solid colored, non-white scrubs with no identifying information visible.

* Applicants requiring a mannequin stand for the examination must bring a clamp style mannequin stand with them to the facility, these will no longer be provided.

* Applicants sitting for the Nail Technician examination will need to bring disposable absorbant pads or towels to cover the the work station while providing services to protect the surfaces from the acrylic being used.

* All suggested supplies lists and examination information is listed in the NIC Candidate Information Bulletin (CIB) links provided.  Additional information can be found at

* Applications and fees for the Theory and Practical examination MUST be submitted separately.  NO Application will be accepted that is marked for both examinations nor received with fees for both the theory and practical!


Examination dates are subject to change at the Board’s discretion.​

Exam DatesDeadline For Exam Application and Board Agenda
January 8, 9, 16, 2018December 19, 2017
February 5, 6, 12January 22, 2018
March 5, 12, 13February 19, 2018
April 9, 10, 16, 17March 26, 2018
May 7, 8, 14, 15April 23, 2018

Examination Instructions

Cosmetology Theory Examination

Cosmetology Theory CIB

Cosmetology Practical Examination

Cosmetology Practical- Main CIB

Cosmetology Practical- Basic Facial CIB

Cosmetology Practical- Hair Removal of the Eyebrow CIB

Cosmetology Practical- Manicure and Polish CIB

Nail Technology Theory Examination

Nail Technology Theory CIB

Nail Technology Practical Examination

Nail Technology Practical CIB

Esthetics Theory Examination

Esthetics Theory CIB

Esthetics Practical Examination

Esthetics Practical CIB

Instructor Theory Examination

Instructor Theory CIB

Instructor Practical Examination

Instructor Practical Examination CIB