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To receive a license renewal reminder/registration code it will be your responsibility to have a valid email address on file with the KBC office.  If you are unsure that the board has your current information, please email with the following information: Legal name, DOB and the last 4 of your SS# to verify your account. 

Please note the below items:

All personal license renewals will require a valid email address, a current state government photo ID, and a passport style photo to be uploaded. Your photo will be required to have a white or blue background. This photo will print on your license. Failure to submit the correct photo will cause your renewal application to be rejected. If your photo or ID will not load properly, please change the angle of your camera to avoid a glare and the ID having a clear image of the hologram picture. If multiple phots or faces are shown on the image it will not load. 

Any renewal submitted without correct support items will be rejected and a new license will not be issued until corrective action has occurred. 

Any corrective action that occurs after the renewal deadline of July 31 at 11:59pm will require restoration fees to be attached.

Agency staff are only available 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. KBC will be closed July 4th. After hours and weekends are not staffed. All calls and emails are returned in the order received and duplicate messages both digital and voicemail will be placed at the end of the list. Email is best if you have technical questions. The office is NOT open to the public and physical or in person documents will not be accepted.

July 1, 2023 KBC will no longer accept any physical payments. All fees and fines will need to be paid via credit or debit card through the online application system. 

Previous account credentials will not work in the new system.  DO NOT USE INITIAL APPLICATION FOR THIS PROCESS. There is a different registration code for each license you hold but you may link them all under one email address and password. Please renew personal license first, then instructors, then facilities as needed.
The previous system used for licensing required us to place June 30 as the expiration date on licensing so that they were “in grace" during July. You cannot edit dates on the license they are set by law.

Please create an account with your email address and a password of your choice (Please do not copy and paste this information into the system, type it), then click find my license and use it to register your account, to the right of the license information is menu that looks like 3 vertical dots, this menus will give available options, click renewal, and complete the required renewal application to renew/reinstate your license. ​

Click here to access KBC's Online Application Portal ​


​First License​

Please refer to the Licensing Requirements section for field-specific details on obtaining your first license.

Also, please see Out-of-State Info and Salon Requirements for information about obtaining these types of licenses.

Renewal Information

All licenses must be renewed beginning July 1 through July 31 of each year. If the license renewal is not received in the board office or postmarked by July 31 the license is expired and the appropriate restoration fee must be paid, no exceptions.

Online License Renewal

Duplicate Licenses

Duplicate licenses can only be issued for those that have been lost or stolen. We cannot issue duplicates for persons working in more than one salon without special permission. A licensee must submit the duplicate license application with fee to purchase a duplicate license. 


An expired license can be restored provided the license has been expired for less than five (5) years by submitting the License Restoration Application with the required fee.


To restore a cosmetologist or esthetic license that has been expired for a period exceeding five (5) years, the statute requires the individual to apply and successfully complete the respective theory and practical ​​examination.



Any licensee can request a certification for their license. Certifications are typically used when applying for a license in another state. Applicants must submit the Certification Request Form to the board office along with the fee of $25.  Certifications can only be submitted to the transferring state.  No certification will be mailed to a private address.


Member or Spouse of United States Armed Forces

If you or your spouse are a member of the United States Armed Forces and you hold a current and active license in a U.S. state or territory other than Kentucky you may transfer your license, provided you meet Kentucky statutory requirements, by submitting the  Military Sponsor License Transfer Application with required documentation and fee.