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Salon Requirements

*** Due to the high volume of applicants, please allow a minimum of 30 days for application processing time. Receipt of applications cannot be verified by the office unless it has been more than 30 days from submission. If you require verification of receipt, please submit your application by traceable means through the postal system.   Please plan salon opening dates accordingly.***

Requirements for a New Salon

After obtaining the salon application the applicant will need to complete the application in full, with the exception of the salon inspector signature.  *New salon applications must obtain the planning and zoning inspector signature and the plumbing inspector signature prior to submitting for final inspection, no exceptions.

Once application is completed and the signatures listed aboved are obtained please contact the inspector listed for the county the salon will be located in.  Inspector counties and contact information can be found under Locate Inspector.

Change of Owner/Manager

***Process for Manager Change During Renewals***:

During the renewal period of July 1st – July 31st, if a salon needs to update a manager on the license. The state inspector in your area will need to be contacted. A manager change form will need to be completed prior to the appointment. The manager will need to submit a copy of their drivers license. A $50 fee will be required to complete the process. Only after the account has been updated the salon will be eligible to renew their business license online.


If a salon changes owner(s) or manager(s) at any time during the licensing year, a new salon license must be purchased.

Please complete a Salon Application (Transfer of Ownership) or a Manager Change Application and submit the completed application to the board office along with the appropriate fee.

Plumbing Changes

If there are any changes in the plumbing (i.e. replacing old shampoo bowls, adding shampoo bowls, pedicure stations, etc.) a new salon application must be completed with the appropriate signatures.  No fee is required with the application if it is being submitted to update plumbing changes only.

Change of Location

If your salon is changing locations you must complete a new Salon Application.