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Out of State Info

​​Click here to access KBC's Online Application Portal ​

To transfer to KY as an out of state applicant with endorsement credentials from another state requirements:  

  1. Certification from the transferring state must be on file with KBC prior to submitting a digital application. **This document must come from the state agency- never the applicant**.​
  2. Applications that require amended action have 30 days to complete the request or the application will be denied. 
  3. Endorsement fees are nonrefundable 
  4. Minimum education requirements are:
    1. Cosmetology-1500 hours and a 12th grade equivalence.
    2. Esthetics- 750 hours and a 12th grade equivalence.
    3. Nail Technician- 450 hours and a 12th grade equivalence.
    4. Instructor- 1 year of individual licensure, 750 hours, and a 12th grade equivalence.
  5. Education deficiencies may be substituted if license has been held for more than 2 years.
  6. Examination may be required for an out of state transfer applicant.  ​