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The Kentucky Board of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists’ mission is to serve the Commonwealth by providing educational, health, and regulatory standards for all aspects of the beauty industry.

Online Payment System Down

<div>Online Payments cannot be processed on the system at this time.&nbsp; Payments must submitted by mail or in office for processing.&nbsp; Payments must be accompanied by an application (if required) or documentation identifying the reason for payment, updated mailing address, and license number. <br> <br>Schools will need to contact the Board of Cosmetology by phone to submit payment for new enrollments.&nbsp; Please have the permit application number ready when calling to reduce processing time.</div>

June Examinations Cancelled

<div>Due to the transition time needed to prepare for the new exam structure, the Kentucky Board of Cosmetology WILL NOT be holding examinations in June.</div>

License Renewal

License Renewal for 2018-19 begins on July 1, 2018
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201 KAR 12.030 Updated

Regulation 201 KAR 12.030, regarding licensing, permits, and examinations, became active as-of April 6, 2018.  A link to the updated regulation is listed below.

201 KAR 12.030



List of Repealed & Active Regulations

The following lists provide repealed & active regulations as-of April 6, 2018.

KBC Active Regulations
KBC Repealed Regulations



201 KAR 12.060 Updated

Regulation 201 KAR 12.060, regarding inspections, became active as-of April 6, 2018. A link to the updated regulation is listed below.

201 KAR 12.060



HB 260 Enacted Effective March 30, 2018

On March 30, 2018, Governor Matt Bevin signed House Bill (HB) 260, sponsored by Rep. Robert Mills, that makes significant improvements to the cosmetology industry in Kentucky and the operation of the Kentucky Board of Cosmetology (KBC). House Bill 260 is effective as of March 30, 2018. Please see below.

HB 260 FAQ



201 KAR 12.100 Updated

Regulation 201 KAR 12.100, regarding sanitation standards, became active as-of March 9, 2018. A Link to the updated regulation is listed below.

201 KAR 12.100



201 KAR 12.082 Updated

Please be advised: Regulation 201 KAR 12.082, regarding school curriculum and student rules, became active as-of February 2, 2018. A link to the updated regulation can be found below.

201 KAR 12.082



Felony Pre Approval For Cosmetology School Enrollment

As Of October 1, 2017, the Board will no longer evaluate nor provide pre-approvals of felony convictions for perspective or current cosmetology students. Felony approval by the board is not required to be a cosmetology student in the state of Kentucky however felony convictions may preclude someone from professional licensing. Felony documentation for Board evaluation and approval is to be submitted when the application for examination/licensure occurs and will not be accepted before that time.

Felony Review Memo.pdf



Procedure Change for Out-Of-State Licensees wishing to transfer their license to the State of Kentucky

Any person who holds an out-of-state license for more than two years may submit an application for license transfer to be considered by the Kentucky State Board of Hairdessers and Cosmetologists. The following documentation must be submitted with your application before it can be considered for approval: Copy of government issued photo ID. Proof of work history-Minimum of past two years, maximum past five years. Tax documentation must be submitted for this requirement. Certification of Professional License- Must be requested by applicant from professional licensing board for that state. Please request all certifications be submitted directly to the Kentucky State Board of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists. Certifications cannot be accepted from the applicant. (Applicants holding an Indiana license may submit electronic certification from their state licensing agency.) Please verify this document IS on file at the KBHC office before submitting the application for license transfer. Proof of 12th Grade Education- College, High School, or GED transcript or Diploma is Acceptable. Education obtained outside of the United States must be submitted with an official translation. The application cannot be evaluated for approval until ALL documentation is present. PLEASE NOTE: Processing Time for Out-of-State transfer applications received complete and correct in the Board office is 30 days. Please Plan Accordingly.

Out Of State Transfer Application

Complaint Form

In order to file a complaint with the Board you must complete the following application and submit it to the Board office. All complaints must be submitted on this form.
Download Form​.

  • The Kentucky Board of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists​ does not accept complaints by phone
  • The Board cannot settle matters of a civil nature and has no authority to require payment for damages on your behalf.​

If You Have Not Received Your License After You Have Submitted the Renewal

No renewed licenses can be reprinted until 30 days after they were accepted. If you have not received your license after 30 days you must submit a written statement requesting a reprint of the license to the board office no later than October 1. The statement must be signed and dated and state that you did not receive your license from renewals. Any requests for reprint postmarked after October 1 will be denied and you will be required to submit a duplicate license application with the required fee. ​