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The Kentucky Board of Cosmetology’s mission is to serve the Commonwealth by providing educational, health, and regulatory standards for all aspects of the beauty industry.

License Renewals Begin July 1, 2019

The link to renewal processing will be available July 1, 2019​. All license renewals are to be processed online with the exception of salons requiring a manager change and KCTCS school licenses. Please note: Renewal fees increased in August 2018.  Renewal of any personal license/permit is $50.00, renewal of any salon/facility license is $100.00

License Renewal

License Verification

Verify the status of a license.
License Verification




Salons Requiring Manager Change PRIOR to Renewal

During the renewal period of July 1st – July 31st, if a salon needs to update a manager on the license. The state inspector in your area will need to be contacted. A manager change form will need to be completed prior to the appointment. The manager will need to submit a copy of their drivers license. A $50 fee will be required to complete the process. Only after the account has been updated the salon will be eligible to renew their business license online.  



Application Processing

*** Due to the high volume of applicants, please allow a minimum of 30 days for application processing time. Receipt of applications cannot be verified by the office unless it has been more than 30 days from submission. If you require verification of receipt, please submit your application by traceable means through the postal system. ***



201 KAR 12.082 & 201 KAR 12.140 Updates

Please be advised: Regulations 201 KAR 12.082 and 201 KAR 12.140 , regarding school requirements, curriculum, and student rules updates as-of September 1, 2018. Links to the updated regulations can be found below.

201 KAR 12.082
201 KAR 12.140



201 KAR 12.100 & 201 KAR 12.230 Updates

Regulations 201 KAR 12.100 and 201 KAR 12.230, regarding sanitation standards and code of ethics updates as-of September 1, 2018. Links to the updated regulations are listed below.

201 KAR 12.100
201 KAR 12.230



201 KAR 12.030 & 201 KAR 12.260 Updates

Regulations 201 KAR 12.030 and 201 KAR 12.260 , regarding licensing, permits, examinations, and fees updates as-of September 1, 2018.  Links to the regulations are listed below.

201 KAR 12.030
201 KAR 12.260



201 KAR 12.060 & 201 KAR 12.190 Updates

Regulations 201 KAR 12.060 and 201 KAR 12.190, regarding inspections, complaint processes, and disciplinary action updates as-of September 1, 2018. Links to the updated regulations are listed below.

201 KAR 12.060
201 KAR 12.190



Amended and Active Regulations

The following list provides additional amended & active regulations as-of September 1, 2018.

201 KAR 12.010.pdf
201 KAR 12.260



Apprentice Cosmetologists-Please Be Advised

Apprentice Cosmetologists will not be able to renew online. Due to the passing of HB 260, these license holders are required to send in the restoration application and fee in addition to their renewal fee. This will convert the license to a regular cosmetology license and bring it to current status for the new licensing year. These must be postmarked by July 31, 2018, in order to avoid additional fees. Apprentices applying for transitioning their license after July 31, 2018 will be required to submit the restoration application, fee, and the $75.00 to transition the account from apprentice to cosmetologist.

Restoration License Application


Complaint Form

In order to file a complaint with the Board you must complete the following application and submit it to the Board office. All complaints must be submitted on this form.
Download Form​.

  • The Kentucky Board of Cosmetology does not accept complaints by phone
  • The Board cannot settle matters of a civil nature and has no authority to require payment for damages on your behalf.​

If You Have Not Received Your License After You Have Submitted the Renewal

No renewed licenses can be reprinted until 30 days after they were accepted. If you have not received your license after 30 days you must submit a written statement requesting a reprint of the license to the board office no later than October 1. The statement must be signed and dated and state that you did not receive your license from renewals. Any requests for reprint postmarked after October 1 will be denied and you will be required to submit a duplicate license application with the required fee. ​