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The Kentucky Board of Cosmetology’s mission is to serve the Commonwealth by providing educational, health, and regulatory standards for all aspects of the beauty industry.


​All accounts are being manually reviewed to secure your information. As of December 1st 2023 KBC has sent approved licensure ​​to the printing department. If you do not receive your license by the end of February please email the board with your license information to check on the status. 

If you knowingly submitted incorrect items, please login and access the Amend Pending Application from the Actions associated with your license. Amend Pending Application.jpg

Y​our license will not be printed if you did not submit a proper passport style photo as required or a valid government ID to your account.​ This photo will print on your license.​ You may download an app or create a passport photo style picture using your camera on your cell phone. ​​HEIC or live photos cannot be used. Photo must be current and have been taken within the last 6 months. Refer to the acceptable examples below. 

Passport photo example.png
​You must correct deficient items through the online portal, we are unable to accept credentials​ via​​ email. ​

Login to your account to verify the expiration date 7/31/2024 is listed on your license(s). Your renewal receipt will be sufficient as proof of licensing until processing review is completed and approved. You will be given an opportunity to make corrective adjustments if you did not meet the requirements. Act now and update your account to receive your license. Click LOGIN​​​


Click here to access KBC's Online Renewal Portal ​

Registration codes were initially emailed June 15 – June 24th 2023. Search your emails using the phrase "Renewal Notice" 

To receive a license renewal reminder/registration code it will be your responsibility to have a valid email address on file with the KBC office.  If you are unsure that the board has your current information, please email with the following information: Legal name, DOB and the last 4 of your SS# to verify your account. 

​Renewals submitted without correct support items will be rejected and a new license will not be issued until corrective action has occurred. 

​Agency staff are only available 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. Due to the high volume​ of calls email is best if you have technical questions and are receiving an error please send us a screenshot to better assist you. Registration codes will NOT be provided over the phone for security purposes. The office is NOT open to the public and physical or in person documents will not be accepted.

July 1, 2023 KBC will no longer accept any physical payments. All fees and fines will need to be paid via credit or debit card through the online application system. ​​

FAQ 2023 License Renewals

​Q: I renewed my license but have not received it. 

A: Accounts are manually reviewed for accuracy and security, this is a tedious project we appreciate your patience.  

Q: How am I receiving my license this year? 

A: Personal licenses will be mailed upon approval and salon licenses will be emailed for owners to print and post.  

Q: Where do I get a passport photo from? 

A: Create a passport photo using your cell phone. You may download an app or create a passport photo style picture using your camera. Example of Passport Photo Style.png

Q: When was my registration code emailed to process my renewal: 

A: Registration codes were initially emailed June 15 – June 24th

Q: It says my email is invalid, why? 

A: You must create an account in order to renew. Old credentials do not work. Please create an account with your email address and a password of your choice Please do not copy and paste this information into the system, type it

Q: Where do I find the option to renew? 

A: Once you have created an account and logged in to the right of your name and valid license you will see an ellipsis (3 dots) this menus will give available options, click renewal, and complete the required renewal application to renew/reinstate your license.  ​

Q: What license do I renew first? 

A: Please renew personal license first, then instructors, then facilities as needed. 

Q: How do I link my salon license to my personal account? 

A: Log back into your personal account, click on the blue link Don't see your license? Click here to search for it." Enter the salon license # and registration code # sent to you in June by the board. (This code is different from the email verification code.) Link the account, click on the three little dots to renew​. 

Q: I don't have my registration​ code

A: Email you must provide: FULL NAME or SALON NAME, LAST 4 SS# AND LICENSE #​​


  1. ​In the menu bar, find “Registration/Login."
  2. Do NOT directly sign into the login screen.
  3. Click “Sign Up Now" and create your account. (first time user)
  4. You will be required to retrieve a verification code from your email, this is separate from your registration codes.
  5. Once your account is created, you must link your license number.
  6. Select “Don't see your license, click HERE."
  7. Type in your license number and registration code
  8. After linking your license, find the box with the correct license number you wish to renew.
  9. Choose the ellipsis (three dots) to the right of the license you wish to renew under the column “Actions."
  10. In the drop-down box, find “Renew License."
  11. Select that option and you will be able to renew with that application. 
  12. Please make sure that you are doing the renewal application and not the first-time application. If the application you are filling out asks for a high school diploma, stop there. That is the incorrect application. The renewal application only requires you to upload a passport photo style picture and government ID.

​​​Salon Renewal –

After you have completed your personal renewal return to your dashboard to access additional license. Click on the blue link “Don't see your license? Click here to search for it." Enter the next license # and registration code (Salon Registration code is separate from your personal code - this has recently been sent to you directly from your account please check your email) click on the three dots to renew. 

License Verification

Verify the status of a license by clicking the link below.  

License Verification 




Printing Schedule July 2023

Printing of licensure has begun December 1st 2023 upon approval of your uploaded documents and passport photo style picture. If you are aware that you did not upload a passport photo style picture you may log back into your account to make the correction.



Name change requirements

​Name changes require a copy of your new state government​ photo ID, copy of Marriage Certificate/Divorce Decree submitted to your account through the online portal.

​Complaint Form

In order to file a complaint with the Board you must complete the following application and submit it to the Board office. All complaints must be submitted on this form with valid contact information. ​​​
Download Form​.

  • The Kentucky Board of Cosmetology does not accept complaints by phone or email 
  • The information you provide will be used and may be shared with the party against which you have complained. It may also be used to enforce applicable state laws. Under Kentucky's Open Records Act, this complaint will be available for public view upon request. However, certain personal information, such as contact information, is not subject to the Open Records Act.​
  • The Board cannot settle matters of a civil nature and has no authority to require payment for damages on your behalf.​

Open Records Request 

​​In order to file an open records request an application will need to be filed with the Board. ​​

KBC Open Records Request.pdf