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Specialty Permits

Threading, Eyelash Extention, & Makeup Artistry

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I acquire a permit to provide Eyelash Extensions, Makeup Artistry or Threading services?

A: Locate the permit application under the Licensure tab, click on Specialty Permits on right side of screen on Additional instructions are including assisting completion the application process.


Q: Will I need additional sanitation training for an Eyelash Extension, Makeup Artistry or Threading Permit?

A: Yes, all permits require a minimum of a 4 hours infection control course. This course is available online at:

Completion of the infection control course must be submitted to the board office with the completed permit application and a copy of a current government photo ID and passport photo. The Board will not accept an Infection control course that has been taken over one year.


Q: Which companies are board approved to provide Eyelash certifications for the Eyelash Extension Permit?  

A: The board has approved the Eyelash providers listed below: 

1. Lavish Lashes

2. Dulce Lash Artistry by Maven

3. Bella Lashes

4. Nova Lash

5. Extreme Lashes


Q: Where can I provide services as an Eyelash Extension, Makeup Artistry or Threading Permit holder?

A: All licenses or Permit holders in the state of Kentucky are required by law to work in a licensed facility approved through the KBC office at all times.


Q: Can an Eyelash Permit holder provide other services such as lash perm lifts, tinting, or provide brow services?

A: No, the Eyelash Permit is strictly a service provided by applying lashes directly to your natural eyelash by using adhesive. A licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician must provide all other services such as perm lifts, tinting or brow services.


Q: What happens if I fail to renew my permit during the renewal period of July 1st – 31st?

A: To restore an expired license or permit, a Restoration Application shall be submitted to the board with payment of the restoration and license fees set forth in 201 KAR 12:260 and the following:

(a) For an expired individual license or permit, a copy of a government-issued photo identification.

How Do I Obtain A Permit?
Print out the applications below and return to the Board office with the proper fee.